About Us

It's never been about us. 

At CoL, our mission is to create more avenues to access education through funding educational, coaching, and mentoring programs as well as donating to charities that focus on granting financial aid to those who need it for education. 

Launch. is our way of taking CoL's mission to the next level. 

Launch. is an exciting new way to collaborate with us in order to raise money for your (or someone you love's) educational, coaching and/or mentoring needs. We've opened up our program to all individuals, educators, coaches, mentors and even charitable or non-profit programs. We believe that education has no bounds. Education comes in a multitude of ways and we want to help as many people as we can achieve their financial goals, projects and/or other means of exploring the realm of education. 

Never stop learning. 

How it works: 

Share with us your design, story and plan and we'll bring it to life. We're giving people the opportunity to use the Launch. platform in order to create, market and sell a designed piece of clothing and we'll do the rest. From production to shipping, we'll take care of everything. The best part is, we'll write you a cheque for 100% of the profit made during the campaign to fund your desired educational need or project. To get more detail, follow the link to the application page here --> APPLY NOW

There is an application process to Launch. The application involves submitting a design for a garment of your choosing. Alongside the design, we ask that you submit a (750 words max) story of where the funds will be utilized (ie. tuition, coaching, mentorship, raising money on behalf of someone, or just to be donated to an NPO - or any other creative way to incorporate education) + why you decided to start this campaign. With your permission, we will publish this on the campaign page. 

In addition, we want you to get entrepreneurial with the process and explain to us (in brief) how you plan on marketing your unique campaign to friends, family and the world! 

Once your application is approved, we'll work with you to quickly get your unique campaign live, with it's own unique URL in order for you to get your campaign off the ground. We'll also work on setting a price and desired campaign goal to ensure we can maximize your ability to hit your desired target. 

To learn more - Check out our application page here --> APPLY NOW