Apply to Launch.


We've done our best to make the application process efficient, but we also want some genuine and creative application submissions. As we know artwork, design and creativity aren't easy to do, we'll do our best to review and respond to every application that comes our way. We want you to know first-hand that your hard work did not go unnoticed. 

What you'll need: 

  • Artwork/Design (see steps below)
  • Write-up (see steps below)

Artwork+ Design: 

The artwork should be in a digital format (pdf, jpeg, png, or any other software imaging program file extension can be utilized). If we can't open it, we'll let you know. 

We'll also need to know what style and color garment you'd like to use - we'll work with you to get your desired product right. The more specific you are about placement and size, the quicker we can get your campaign live and ready. 

Current options are: 

  • T-shirt (unisex)
  • Long-Sleeve (unisex)
  • Crewneck Sweatshirt (unisex)
  • Ballcap (unisex)
  • Organic, bamboo, and other more designer cuts are available upon request.

We're working on putting together a catalog of products to make the selection process easier. More to come soon!


Check out a sample campaign page: Launch. Campaign Sample #1


Tell us your story:

 Step 1: We want to know why you're campaigning, who's it for (if not for yourself) and how the funds will be utilized. (Max 750 words)

Tip: Be sure to make it compelling as you'll be marketing this to both people you know and don't know. 


Ready to apply? Scroll down below!


 DIY Shipping: 

We're excited to offer Do-It-Yourself (or DIY) shipping to everyone that applies as we all know how expensive shipping can be. We will add a shipping option to every campaign page and encourage those that are close to the campaign to pick-up their product or have it delivered in person by the campaign founder. This will add approximately 3.5-6 dollars to your profit per purchased item. *** You will have to sign a liability form to state that you will be responsible for the delivery of these products to those individuals that have selected a pick-up option.