Q: Where does Launch. ship and what are the costs? 

A: We've designed the program where we take on most of the shipping cost to provide as much transparency upfront relating to how much of each sale will benefit the campaigner. We've also created a DIY (Do-it-yourself) shipping option where campaigner takes on the responsibility of delivery. If the customer selects a "pick-up," we will subsequently add the full shipping cost back into the hands of the campaigner, increasing their take home amount. 

Shipping costs will remain low if purchased within Canada or the United States. For International shipments, shipping costs will vary. 


Q:  What determines the cost used and the selling price?

A: Cost is the cost to manufacture your product, which decreases as your sell more products. It changes based on the following factors: 

  • Number of ink colors used in your design
  • Printing on one or both sides of your product, 
  • The products you choose to sell (e.g. Unisex Tee vs. Unisex Sweater, etc) 
  • The number of products you sell
We will send you a full breakdown of the cost once the campaign is complete and production is confirmed. 


Q: Is there a minimum number of product that needs to sell during the campaign? 
A: As of right now, we're looking to hit a minimum of 30 units. As we continue to build relationships, we'll look to lower that minimum. 
If you're campaign doesn't meet the 30 units sold requirement by the end of the campaign, we can work with you to extend the campaign or provide full refunds to everyone who purchased your product at no cost to you.


Q: Who is eligible to apply? 


A: Anyone! We're looking for people or groups who are looking to make a positive difference in people's lives or their own. We are here to support you, utilizing this unique platform. Preference will be given to educational campaigns, ie. educators, students, coaches and mentors.